Updated March 18, 2021

Most of my code has changed a lot recently. Check updated posts.

For each post can update code listed in that post. Keep in mind code for linux and wsl configs will have their own posts, except in the case of .early-init and init.el, which have system switches (to load system specific dot-files).

Also note: abandoned convention of listing init lines. Now if you want to find the code, and there is now plenty of decent emacs code, use the search function. The site is not large.

The Program Launcher is much the same as before.

Will update the linux program launcher which has some pretty cool linux programs. It's on my someday list.

(setq program-launcher-title (with-octicon "device-desktop" "Windows Program Launcher"))
;generate hydra
(pretty-hydra-define Windows-Exe (:title program-launcher-title :quit-key "q" :color pink )
    ("w" launch-word "Launch Word")
    ("e" launch-excel "Launch Excel")
    ("7" launch-7z "Launch 7zip")
    ("p" launch-powershell "Launch Powershell" )
    ("c" launch-cmd "Launch Command Prompt")
    ("U" launch-ubuntu1804 "Launch Ubuntu")
    ("u" launch-ubuntu1804-win-p "Launch Ubuntu Mount")
    ("<" launch-snipper "Launch Snipping Tool" )
    ("s" launch-screen-cast "Launch OBS SCREENCAST" )
    ("v" Webcam-Viewer "Launch Webcam Viewer" )
);end theme
    ("g" launch-gimp "Launch Gimp" )
    ("i" launch-inkscape "Launch Inkscape" )
    ("f" launch-fsviewer "Launch FSViewer" )
    ("@" launch-paint "Launch Paint")
    ("m" launch-mpd "Launch MPD Music Player" )
    ("3" launch-sticky-pass "Launch Sticky Pass" )
    ("o" launch-onedrive "Launch Onedrive" )
    ("k" launch-keycast "Launch Keycast" )
	("D" launch-figma  "Launch Figma")
);end highlighting

     ("x" launch-xampp "Launch Xampp")
     ("l" launch-live-reload "Launch Live Reload")
     ("n" launch-notepad++ "Launch Notepad++")
     ("d" launch-dropbox "Launch Dropbox")
     ("t" launch-win-taskmgr "Launch Task Manager")
     ("a" launch-atom "Launch Atom Editor")
     ("2" launch-colorpicker "Launch Color Picker")
     ("+" launch-win-calc "Launch Calculator")
     ( "F" launch-firefox "Launch Firefox")
     ( "C" launch-chrome "Launch Chrome")
     ( "O" launch-opera "Launch Opera")
    ("h" hydra-helm/body "Return To Helm" :color blue )
    ("<SPC>" nil "Quit" :color blue)
);end other
);end hydra body
);end pretty-hydra-appearance
(bind-key "<C-m> x" 'Windows-Exe/body)

Original Post Below

For any readers setting up configuration files for their emacs editor, here is the quick and easy code for the windows program launcher shown in the image below.

An image of the windows-launcher program in Poseidon emacs configuration

Here's the config code:

;path of program you want in your launcher
(defvar name-of-program-p "C:/full-path-to-program/program.exe")
; launcher function
(defun launch-program-name ()
(w32-shell-execute nil name-of-program-p nil)
);end launch-program-name

Then you can put the launch function name in your hydra config, like this:

("p"  launch-program-name "Launch This Program")

For the generate hydra code see this post: Emacs Bookmarks

That’s all for now…