1. Inspiration is about being on the upswing. Find out what gets you there, find out what keeps you there, and make a habit of it.

  2. Success is about a good nights sleep, either tomorrow is Sunday or you are prepared to meet it.

  3. Self-improvement is a lifestyle.

  4. Expectations are so yesterday.

  5. Grey area is dangerous. Make sure you spell it out.

  6. Prodigality is tiresome.

  7. Habits are the measuring stick you are looking for. Life moves…habits tell you where.

  8. Having the right answers will get you everywhere in life. We are not perfect, we are human, life is a club.

  9. If you don’t have the right answers you have found the start-line, nice work.

  10. Delivering the goods is talking to someone you used to know, even if you’ve moved forward. The little people kick you when you are down, the big ones lift you up. Be big.

  11. If you are getting your confidence from sapping somebody elses’, it will quickly vanish. Accomplishments build confidence into your character. That’s why we call it self-steam.

  12. Don’t take life personally, especially if someone else wants you to. It takes all kinds.

  13. Master yourself. Self-mastery is the leveling field, anybody can do it.

  14. Don’t lie down, you will get walked on. Don’t stand too tall, you will be shot at.

  15. The masses are rabid dogs, so are you, forgive them.

  16. Have some juice to give to every person. The more you give the less you will need.

  17. Be adaptable, be flexible, be comfortable, be graceful, be funny. Have fun.

An image of Chris Hemsworth smiling, suggesting that comfort, fun, and smiling lead to success.