Staying Focused On Being Yourself

Here is something to think about. What does it mean to be normal?

The picture below is a picture of a bean machine, also known as a Quincunx, a Dalton Board, or Plinko.

What happens to the ball when it gets dropped into the top of the bean machine? It gets bounced around right? Does the ball get to choose in which slot it will end up?

Now imagine that you are that ball, and those posts bumping it around are other people bumping you around in your journey through life. Do people push you off your course with their judgments and peer pressures?

The diagram below suggests if you let people push you around, you will not get to choose the direction your life goes in. You will be pushed into the crowded boxes in the center of the distribution.

And, what does the law of scarcity tell us? Does it tell us there will be lots of good stuff where there are a lot of people consuming it? Well, no it doesn't.

Sometimes being normal means letting other people do your thinking for you, or push you onto the road most travelled where the good things are already taken, usually by some shark living in one of those empty containers out on the distribution tail.

The point I'm making is not that normality is bad. The point is that a world where more people are inspired to do more thinking for themselves, has the promise to be a better world for all of us.

An image of a bean counter


Have the courage to think independently, and to reconsider the notion that what is popular is correct simply by virtue of being popular.