Poppy, punky, alternative sounds you're probably already familiar with through their advertising business. They're not so far on Wiki yet, but below are descriptions from their webpage.

"Midnight Riot is the edgy duo brought to life by soulful rocker Emily Kopp, and guitarist/producer Justin Beckler. Drawing from their love of pop and old school indie rock, their creations feature good old-fashioned guitar riffs, room-shaking stomps and claps, and hooks that sink so deep you'll be humming them for weeks. They may even leave a little grit between your teeth." ~ Midnight Riot Webpage
"Midnight Riot's indie rock anthems have been featured in ads by major brands across the globe, including Fitbit, Jetblue, Honey Bunches of Oats, Free People, LG, Mini Cooper, Guitar Center, Ashley Homestore, Samsung and more. In 2019 they we're commissioned by Cartoon Network to re-imagine the iconic Powerpuff Girls theme song. Their entire discography is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube, and any other streaming service of choice." ~ Midnight Riot Webpage
Midnight Riot: Don't You Know Who I am, Get Ready, Music In My Head, Bird Set Free, Into The Wild, Can't Hold Back, Brand New Day, Move Yourself, We're Made of Stars, Never Coming Down, Breathless, The Way It Goes, All Eyes On Me, Feels Like Home, New Kid In Town, We Run.
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