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Formation and first years (1989-1994)

"Vocalist and guitarist Rivers Cuomo moved to Los Angeles in 1989 with his high school metal band, Avant Garde, later renamed Zoom. After the group disbanded, Cuomo met drummer Patrick Wilson, and moved in with him and Wilson's friend Matt Sharp. Wilson and Cuomo formed a band, Fuzz, and enlisted Scottie Chapman on bass. Chapman quit after a few early shows; the band reformed as Sixty Wrong Sausages, with Cuomo's friend Pat Finn on bass and Jason Cropper on guitar, but soon disbanded. Cuomo moved to Santa Monica and recorded dozens of demos, including future Weezer songs "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" and "Undone – The Sweater Song". Sharp was enthusiastic about the demos, and accepted Cuomo and Wilson's invitation to play with them; he became the group's bassist and de facto manager. Weezer formed on 14 February 1992. Their first show was on 19 March 1992, closing for Keanu Reeves' band Dogstar.[6] They took their name from a nickname Cuomo's father gave him.[6] Cuomo gave Sharp one year to get the band a record deal before Cuomo accepted a scholarship at UC-Berkeley.[6] In November, Weezer recorded a demo, The Kitchen Tape, including a version of the future Weezer single "Say It Ain't So".[6] The demo was heard by Todd Sullivan, an A&R man at Geffen Records, who signed them in June 1993." ~ Source: Wikipedia