You can access shells within and from Emacs. You might find it easier to type, search through shell output, and access snippets.

You can write functions to open external shells.

Launch Git

(defvar git-bash-shell-file-name-p "/path/to/git-bash.exe")

(defun launch-git ()
(w32-shell-execute nil git-bash-shell-file-name-p nil )

Launch Powershell

(defun launch-powershell ()
(w32-shell-execute nil "powershell" nil)
); end launch-powershell

Launch CMD

(defun launch-cmd ()
(w32-shell-execute nil "cmd" nil)
);end launch-command-prompt


(defun launch-ubuntu1804 ()
(w32-shell-execute nil "ubuntu1804" nil)
);end launch-screen-case

;or path to wsl.exe
(defvar win-ubuntu-exe-p "path/to/wsl.exe")

(defun launch-ubuntu1804-win-p ()
(w32-shell-execute nil win-ubuntu-exe-p nil)
);end launch ubuntu1804-win

Kill Shell Buffers

Shut down all buffers with shells and close all Emacs wrapper shell processes.

(require 'cl)
(setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output t)

(defun is-shell-buffer (buffer)
  (let ((name (buffer-name buffer)))
    (and (= ?* (aref name 0))
         ( string-match "^\\*shell\\*" name))))

(defun kill-shell-buffers ()
  (loop for buffer being the buffers
        do (and (is-shell-buffer buffer) (kill-buffer buffer))))

Send Line or Region to Shell

; send line/region to shell
(defun sh-send-line-or-region (&optional step)
  (interactive ())
  (let ((proc (get-process "shell"))
        pbuf min max command)
    (unless proc
      (let ((currbuff (current-buffer)))
        (switch-to-buffer currbuff)
        (setq proc (get-process "shell"))
    (setq pbuff (process-buffer proc))
    (if (use-region-p)
        (setq min (region-beginning)
              max (region-end))
      (setq min (point-at-bol)
            max (point-at-eol)))
    (setq command (concat (buffer-substring min max) "\n"))
    (with-current-buffer pbuff
      (goto-char (process-mark proc))
      (insert command)
      (move-marker (process-mark proc) (point))
      ) ;;pop-to-buffer does not work with save-current-buffer -- bug?
    (process-send-string  proc command)
    (display-buffer (process-buffer proc) t)
    (when step
      (goto-char max)
));end send line/region

;send line or region interactive
(defun sh-send-line-or-region-and-step ()
  (sh-send-line-or-region t))

Switch to Process Buffer

;switch to the process buffer from whereever you are (your script.bat)
(defun sh-switch-to-process-buffer ()
  (pop-to-buffer (process-buffer (get-process "shell")) t))

Shell Switcher

(defvar default-shell-file-name-p "path/to/cmdproxy.exe")

(defvar bash-shell-file-name-p "path/to/bash.exe")

(defvar default-comspec-p "path/to/cmd.exe")

(defvar bash-comspec-p "path\\to\\wsl.exe")

(defun shell-switch-and-call ()

; if cmd-shell set to bash
((equal  shell-file-name default-shell-file-name-p)
(setenv "COMSPEC" bash-comspec-p)
(setq shell-file-name bash-shell-file-name-p)
(setenv "SHELL" shell-file-name)
(shell)));end cmd-shell

;if bash-shell set to windows
( (equal shell-file-name bash-shell-file-name-p)
(setenv "COMSPEC" default-comspec-p)
(setq shell-file-name default-shell-file-name-p)
(setenv "SHELL" shell-file-name)
(shell)));end if bash-shell

;if other shell set to windows
(t (progn
(setq shell-file-name default-shell-file-name-p)
(setenv "SHELL" shell-file-name)

);end cond
);end shell-switcher

Here Is a Hydra

You can research and test each function.

(defvar shell-central-title (with-octicon "device-desktop" "Shell Manager"))

;generate hydra
(pretty-hydra-define Shell-Central (:title shell-central-title :quit-key "q" :color blue )
    ("t" shell-switch-and-call "Toggle Emacs Shell CMD/WSL")
    ("s" shell-same-window "Open Shell In Window")
    ("p" powershell "Launch Emacs Powershell")
    ("e" eshell "Launch Eshell")
    ("g" launch-git "Launch git")
);end theme
    ("l" sh-send-line-or-region-and-step "Send Line/Region To Shell" )
    ("j" sh-switch-to-process-buffer "Jump To Process Buffer" )
    ("c" comint-clear-buffer "Clear Shell Buffer")
    ("w" launch-powershell "Launch Win Powershell" )
    ("d" launch-cmd "Launch Win CMD Prompt")
    ("U" launch-ubuntu1804 "Launch Ubuntu")
    ("u" launch-ubuntu1804-win-p "Launch Ubuntu Mount")
);end highlighting

     ("b" comint-previous-input "Previous Command" :color red)
     ("f" comint-next-input "Next Command" :color red)
     ("H" comint-dynamic-list-input-ring "Input History")
     ("r" comint-backward-matching-input "Search Commands Back")
     ("n" comint-forward-matching-input "Search Commands Forward")
     ("o" comint-write-output "Write Output To File")
     ("h" hydra-helm/body "Return To Helm" :color blue )
     ("<SPC>" nil "Quit" :color blue)
);end other
);end hydra body
);end pretty-hydra-appearance

(bind-key "<C-m> l" 'Shell-Central/body)

Here is an eshell switcher: eshell switcher.