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If you are a fan of swing beats in jazz, and hip hop doesn't entirely disturb you, you might like Andy Cooper and crew. As I understand, some of the songs featured above do not include the crew.

"Ugly Duckling is an American hip hop group that formed around 1993 in Long Beach, California.[1] Ugly Duckling's members include Dizzy Dustin (Dustin McFarland), Young Einstein (Rodney Pleasant Jr.) and Andy Cooper.[1] The band decided to take the name Ugly Duckling because they felt like outcasts on the Southern California hip hop scene of the mid-1990s.[1] According to the book How to Rap: the Art & Science of the Hip-Hop MC, it is one of the most prominent underground hip hop groups.[2]" ~ Wikipedia
"The group's style is primarily a throwback to the kind of hip hop popular in the late 1980s and early 90s. It uses samples (particularly drum breaks and loops) as the foundation of most tracks, whereas many modern artists have given up sampling in favor of synthesized sounds and drum-machine beats. The two MCs, Andy and Dizzy, frequently alternate lyrics and often punctuate each others lines, reminiscent of early groups like the Double Trouble, The Treacherous Three and Beastie Boys. Ugly Duckling is known for humorous and intelligent lyrics,[2] "lampooning the excesses of modern hip hop"[6], such as its obsession with sex and materialism.[6]" ~ Wikipedia