Sunday, one quarter through the ninth month of the year.

9 things to remember today to make change happen.

  1. You can talk to strangers on a busy corner.

  2. It's easier to reach a goal when you set it.

  3. Life is not meant to be easy [or boring], we are meant to be strong.

  4. At the end of the game the king and the pawn go in the same box, it matters who is with you when that happens.

  5. If you have legs be thankful, someone doesn't.

  6. If they are hassling you, you are probably in front of them - you might be doing somethings right.

  7. Share your story wisely; when you share your story, people know how to help you.

  8. Everytime you make a new friend your life gets better. How you measure success matters.

  9. Share. A lot of things in life are better when shared.


"The ancient Romans calculated the beginning of their year from March. Hence they named their ninth month Novembris or November mensis. November and Novembris were derivatives of Latin novem, 'nine.'"

~ John Ayto, "Dictionary of Word Origins"