The etymology of 'source' is similar to spring.A link to a National Geographic image of the Umm Al Maa oasisA link to a National Geographic publication with an image of the Umm Al Maa oasis


Personal power is a source of human confidence and success.


Different individuals draw power from different sources.


Identify the sources of your power.

Where does your power come from?

Your job? Your assets? Your relationships? Your expertise? The control you exercise over others? The joy you bring to others? Your family?

Image of ocean water, with entrepreneurial spirit.

Make a list of the sources of your power

Are these sources renewable?

What other sources generate your success, happiness, and power?

List them.


"A source is etymologically something that has surged up. The word comes from Old French sourse spring, a noun use of the feminine past participle of sourdre rise, spring. This in turn was descended from Latin surgere rise, source of English surge. The notion of the place where a watercourse springs from the ground led on naturally to the metaphorical place of origin."

~ John Ayto, “Dictionary Of Word Origins”