Highlight Numbers

If you want to see numbers contrasted against text, you can add some syntax highlighting just for numbers.

(use-package hydra
;:pin melpa-stable
);end use-package hydra


(use-package use-package-hydra
;:pin melpa-stable


(use-package hydra-posframe
:load-path hydra-posframe-p
(require 'hydra-posframe)
'((left-fringe . 4) (right-fringe . 4) (top-fringe . 4) (bottom-fringe . 4) (height . 18) (width . 105) (min-height . 17) (max-height . 30) (top . 25)))
(hydra-posframe-border-face ((t (:background "#ffffff"))))
(hydra-posframe-face ((t (:background-color "#6272a4"))))
(after-init . hydra-posframe-enable)
);end use-package-hydra-posframe


;Pretty Hydra
(use-package pretty-hydra
(require 'pretty-hydra)
);end use package pretty hyrda
;title generator
(require 's)
(require 'all-the-icons)
(with-eval-after-load 'all-the-icons
(declare-function all-the-icons-faicon 'all-the-icons)
(declare-function all-the-icons-fileicon 'all-the-icons)
(declare-function all-the-icons-material 'all-the-icons)
(declare-function all-the-icons-octicon 'all-the-icons)


If you want to use an icon in a hydra title, you can add with-faicon

;with-faicon function allows an icon in hydra title. Requires following requires and aliases. To omit don't include 'with-faicon' in appearance-title

;define an icon function with all-the-icons-faicon
;to use filecon, etc, define same function with icon set
 (defun with-faicon (icon str &rest height v-adjust)
    (s-concat (all-the-icons-faicon icon :v-adjust (or v-adjust 0) :height (or height 1)) " " str))
 (defun with-fileicon (icon str &rest height v-adjust)
    (s-concat (all-the-icons-fileicon icon :v-adjust (or v-adjust 0) :height (or height 1)) " " str))

Appearance Hydra

You can test the functions in this hydra.

;define a title function
(defvar appearance-title (with-faicon "desktop" "APPEARANCE"))
;generate hydra
(pretty-hydra-define Appearance_ (:foreign-keys warn :title appearance-title :quit-key "q" :color amaranth )
   (("o" olivetti-mode "Olivetti" :toggle t)
    ("t" toggle-window-transparency "Transparency" :toggle t )
    ("c" cycle-themes "Cycle Themes" )
    ("=" text-scale-increase "Zoom In")
    ("-" text-scale-decrease "Zoom Out")
    ("x" toggle-frame-maximized "Maximize Frame" :toggle t )
);end theme
     ("d" rainbow-delimiters-mode "Rainbow Delimiters" :toggle t )
     ("r" rainbow-mode "Show Hex Colours" :toggle t )
;    ("n" highlight-numbers-mode "Highlight Code Numbers" :toggle t )
     ("l" display-line-numbers-mode "Show Line Numbers" :toggle t )
     ("_" global-hl-line-mode "Highlight Current Line" :toggle t )
;    ("I" rainbow-identifiers-mode "Rainbow Identifiers" :toggle t )
     ("b" beacon-mode "Show Cursor Trailer" :toggle t )
;    ("e" emojify     "Enable Emojies" :toggle 0 )
);end highlighting
   (("j" visual-line-mode "Wrap Line Window"  :toggle t)
    ("m" visual-fill-column-mode "Wrap Line Column"  :toggle t)
    ("a" adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode "Indent Wrapped Lines" :toggle t )
;   ("i" highlight-indent-guides-mode  "Show Indent Guides" :toggle t )
    ("g" fci-mode "Show Fill Column" :toggle t )
    ("h" hydra-helm/body "Return To Helm" :color blue )
    ("<SPC>" nil "Quit" :color blue )
);end miscellaneous
);end hydra body
);end pretty-hydra-appearance
(bind-key "<C-m> a" 'Appearance_/body)