Dune, undoubtedly one of the best science fiction series ever written, is scheduled to return to the screen this November (2020). No film has yet done the book justice, in any way. It was the first of it's kind. A truly sprawling science fiction saga. New worlds. New empires. Humans and aliens, locked together a terrific tale of espionage, science, warfare, and trade. It has all the literary foundations for a film series to rival "Game of Thrones." And enough intergalactic flavor to best it. But it won't. No producer has what it takes to tackle the project. Everyone falls short on Dune. It's too much to handle.

Kyle MacLachlan - Paul Atriedes

Like a lot of sagas written in the days when people read things, Dune is a long one. Frank Herbert spent six long years writing the thing. I only wish I the time to read it again; but then, I live in a real-estate bubble, there's no time for anything.

Hopefully, wherever you are, and whoever you are, the socio-economic reality of your neighbourhood offers more than planet America's man, sucking corn from the fields through a straw to the great silo in the sky - owned by five stingy dudes - and leaving behind, in its wake, blood curdling screams of frustration born from the miseries of struggling women and children, and the lives of their shackled men. Yes, I've contracted a mild strain of hyperbole (I hope); but I prefer it to the viral pandemic now wreaking havoc across our planet, and financially dismembering the marginal classes from the freedom once constitutionally entrenched in the democracies of the free world.

There's no such thing as freedom now. We're all of us vulnerable to government bailouts, and everybody knows government is on the payroll of big business. Only if you really want to get that message across, you're better of writing science fiction.

There could not be a better time for a Dune remake. Put on your Freman suit and get ready to eat your spit. Welcome back to the age of thrift and ingenuity.

Dune Still Suits

So What To Expect From Dune?

First: expect incredible landscapes. Here are a few examples of Dune inspired artworks:

Dune landscapes

More Dune landscapes

Sand Woman on Dune

Second: expect cool suits. Here are some images of the legendary Still Suits:

Dune suits

Third: expect imaginative character types. Dune has some imaginative characters. More than enough to keep costume designers from all over the world busy, if they can get the budget. Here are three examples. The Harkonen, Freman, and Bene Gesserit

Dune Fremen

Dune Harkonen

Dune Bene Gesserit

If you are one of those people that reads. I highly recommend you take some time to read even just a little bit of the book. It's an absolute treasure. No film rendition can do justice to the novel. Film makers of fantasy and science fiction face always the problem of 'suspending disbelief.' This is much more easily accomplished in a novel because the mind more readily substitutes feelings aroused from real world experiences into novels, than into films, which captivate a wider range of senses, and therefore narrow down selections of matching experiences. Here is the full text of the novel Dune, for your previewing pleasure.

Preview Dune Here (download below for mobile)

Download it Here, to read on your E-reader

Download Dune in PDF format