Algis Budrys, was a subtle Science Fiction author back in the day, when men wanted to land on the moon (for the first time), and science fiction was the latest and greatest thing.

He wrote a story called 'Citadel,' which painted a somewhat allegorical picture of international relations.

In 'Citadel' men have expanded into the universe and encountered aliens. We are the bad guys. Our system profligates from and prompts by-and-large economic invasion of alien planets. The story is silent endorsement of what is now the old Marxist yarn that capitalism can't work out in the end.

An image of the Lithuanian science fiction author Algis BudrysAlgis Budry

Have you ever asked yourself why there was a market for the bible, or why self-help books and motivational speakers are always publishing and always in demand? It's not the system that's broken.

Anyway, you can read 'Citadel' in twenty minutes. Here it is.

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