The Demon

Will kill you,
Now or twenty years from now.

When it is in control,
It commands you
To say "no" when you want to say
"Yes," and "Yes" when you should say

The Demon will have you forget yourself.

That promise you made?
Then broken.

The page you look at
Three weeks or a month later?
It was the demon who led you astray.

Because of the Demon, you stop growing.
Your soul stumped, your body filled with toxins.

It lets toxic people in, and toxins too.
You are guided farther and farther from

You, the intelligent one, the wise one,
The one with goals, and dreams, the one with
Power and hope, is caged now, in a cell,
In a citadel, by the river Styx.

Under the demons rule,
Become small and sickly.

The Demon will give you excuses,
And lies to tell yourself.

It will lure you into blaming others.
Not your fault, that you are dying.
The Demon will have you asking to
Be corrupted.

To a man, it could be
a barstool,
Another conquest broken,
hatred of the other,
And things stolen.

You look in the mirror
And there is nobody there.

To a woman it could be
another night in a strangers bed,
While You watch yourself put a 99 cent tag
On your forehead.

You look in the mirror
And there is nobody there.

The Demon sells out, then drags
Others down.

Trolls them.

Whispers behind
Their backs.

For attention,
the Demon
Will kill.

The Demon Will kill you too,
Now or twenty years from now.

To slay a Demon seems the most difficult thing.
It is in your blood, in every part of your body
And soul.

Do you have the guts to climb down
Into a pit of razor blades with this thing?

Demon slaying, however, can be done.

It is like fear, or a bad dream.
Once you face it, the illusion
Shatters, and there
Is only a small and weakly creature,
Riding a bicycle behind a curtain.

To kill a demon, starve it until weak.
Cut off all contact with the toxic,
Who would drag you down with them,
Further into Hades.

Throw the substances out, the Demons food.
No more strangers. No more dizzying elixers.
No more powders. Throw away your costume,
The mask you wear to hide your fear.

Have faith the misery will pass.

The path out of Dante's Inferno
Is through misery.

The hordes
Will grab at you, threaten you,
And lie to you.

Ignore them,
They are powerless without You.

Have faith.

Not in the fraudulent,
And hypocritical, But in the other side.
As Dante calls it, Heaven.

Then crawl down into the pit of hell,
And cut the Demon's head off.

Walk out of there with that things
Head in your hand.

You will forever be in control.
The master of yourself.

Open now to take your dreams,
As they are thrown at you.
Ready now to do what you must,
To become who you want to be.

It will take time to undo the
Damage done by the Demon.
Time to put yourself back
On the road to success.

Begin immediately.

There is no greater achievement
Than killing the Demon inside you