No signs point here.

It's rough, dry, and hot,
When there are no monsoons.

Hungry mouths line the roadside,
Rich and poor, ready to eat you alive
Should your focus stray.

On this road, progress can't be measured,
There are no fancy shoes,
Fine cars, and lush meals.

Here, when you need them,
They kick you.

Trust none, especially when close.

On the hard road,
Your sword goes on your back.

I don't care how you do it, honey,
but if you come here,
Come prepared.

Make something up, distract them,
Bark at them, charm them
or inspire.

But on my side,
There's not a lot of room.

We go forward together.

I don't drop you, or leave you behind,
And you treat me the same.

We both tell it like it is.

On this road, together,
We can build anything.

A house on the hill,
A family,
A business,
Or more,
If more is what you want.

The secret exists between we two.

Join me on the road less traveled
And live a challenging,
And rewarding life.

But I don't care how you do it,
If you come here,
come prepared.

Image Source:Wallpaper: women, landscape, road, suitcase, Jake Olson, boots, sunlight