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It is honorable to respect all peoples, given they are not acting outside the social contract, nor seeking to usurp unjustly another's rights or freedoms.

The law protects people in societies and enables societies to function. To the extent it remains to do so, it should be upheld at every turn. When there are laws that do not serve all citizens in a society equally, those laws should be challenged and amended.

It is important for those who can to help and protect those who cannot help themselves.

Education, science, universal health, government regulated distribution, along with free trade and commerce, and the free exercise of non-violent religion that is not vitriolic in its exclusivity, should be cornerstones of active social policy.

Financial markets, beyond their function as financial intermediaries, which are advantageous to society as a whole, are zero sum facilities that transfer savings from yesterday and tomorrow between participants. All who would like to and can participate in such markets should be able to do so. Those who wish to be sheltered from the larger consequences of volatile market forces should be protected. This should be done through regulation, for example, regulation of the financial structure of firms that employ the general public and participate in such markets.

The human species has benefited greatly from the use of natural gas, coal, and oil, but at a cost. Such energy sources still employ many of us, and this employment should be managed responsibly as we move more and more toward energy sources that have lower marginal costs, and are renewable, like solar, wind, geothermal, and responsible hydro.

We need to accelerate the global movement toward such energy sources through subsidies and global energy policy cooperation, especially in light of the rapid and devastating effects of global warming.

Public resources should be managed responsibly. When relationships between institutions and corporations impede the responsible management of public resources, action should be taken to ensure accumulated capital is not used to shape profiteering laws and regulations.

Women's rights and the rights of minorities should be protected and improved until equal with those of all citizens. To the extent the class and economic systems impede this, laws should be amended to allow for it.

The rights of workers should be protected, through responsible employment laws.

Government managed health care programs should be financially accessible to the general public. There should be ongoing successful efforts to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

All people should have the right to worship, as long as their worship does not include hate mongering, nor the provocation of vitriolic exclusion in general society.

All people should have access to housing and protection from crime.

It is necessary to oppose tyranny, dictatorship, demagoguery, and the destruction of human dignity and basic human rights