euros There is a 90% chance Hillary will win the Democratic nomination, Paul Krugman says, so Bernie has a responsibility to support Democrats and go easier on Hillary.

Paul Krugman, “Feel The Math”

This is a tell-tale sign America as an institution is standing around scratching its head about the Bernie problem. What happens if Bernie hits the tipping point?

Here's what happens if Bernie Sanders goes to the White House: America stops.

Nothing decent gets through congress easily as it is, with Bernie nothing gets through congress. Republicans hate the man. He represents the great institutional fear, a nation run by hippies.

He's also not a statesman. Can you picture Bernie standing next to Putin, Merkel, and Cameron, making friends?

Bernie Sanders is a protestor, a didactic, persuasive, talented, protestor. His no bs platform aims to kill Dodd-Frank, reel in Wall-Street, make tuition free, and pick the pockets of the elites. He promises a medicine so bitter, the patient will never take it. But, unlike Trump, however, America desperately needs Bernie Sanders.

America desperately needs Bernie Sanders because because his popularity (along with Trump's, sadly) is a sign the nation is in trouble. The guns laws are not working, the political system is not working, social harmony is not working, financial equality is not working, education is not working, and so on. Something has to change. Why not turn everything on its head now, before it turns over unexpectedly--uncontrollably?

So Krugman's call to Bernie is not only a sign America fears change so badly the very celebrated democrats are issuing pleas, it's a sign that Krugman has hope for America--an empathetic investment in possible positive change. Some people have less hope for America.

There is a 90% probability Hillary will win the Democratic nominee, and hopefully the White House, but this should not stop those people measuring America's messy room from doing as much damage as they can. There is nothing like the threat of a forest fire to bring people together, and this is a great reason to disagree with Paul Krugman, something you may not get a chance to do often.

Feature Image Source National Review